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property restoration program

Project 1005- 93rd St.

Restoration of a 5 acre lot




The project intended to reduce influx of fugitive sand and dust on a five-acre lot in Antelope Acres, CA was approved on September 8, 2016.


A field survey and interview with the property owner was conducted on September 9, and a dust control plan and map of plan elements were developed based on findings. AVDCG staff consulted with experts at the Antelope Valley Resource Conservation District to determine the best vegetation for the project. 20 Quail Bush, 12 Incense Cedar, 17 Elderica Pine and 8 Stone Pine trees were purchased on September 20, and planted by the property owner, as instructed in the plan.


A mulch berm and 2-4 inch mulch cover are currently being installed onsite.


All AVDCG services, vegetation and mulch were provided free of charge to the property owner. 

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