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Board of Directors

Julie Schuder, President/Secretary/Treasurer

  • Antelope Acres resident since 2012

  • Correspondence Secretary for Antelope Acres Town Council

  • Hands-on local experience with effects of blowing sand and related agencies and personnel

  • Founder and CEO of Crossroads Living Center, Inc.; Licensed by CA Dept. of Public Health to provide long term care for adults with developmental disabilities (1995-Present)

  • Founder and CEO of Crossroads Community Options, LLC.; Licensed by CA Dept. of Social Services to provide day treatment for adults with developmental disabilities, (1999-Present)

  • Founder and CEO of Crossroads Foundation for the Developmentally Disabled, Inc.; Non-profit foundation providing vocational opportunities for adults with developmental disabilities (2000-Present)

  • Startup and oversight of all aspects of said businesses, 63 clients, 42 employees, 12 professional consultants and gross receipts > $2.2M/yr. 


Chatten Cowherd, Vice President

  • Formerly Principal Advisor for Environmental Engineering, MRIGlobal, Kansas City MO 64110 (became consultant in April 2013)

  • More than 30 years of experience in test method development and field characterization of open ground-level sources of air pollutants with an emphasis on dust emissions from traffic and wind erosion

  • 15 years of experience directing sand and dust control projects in the Antelope Valley and other areas of the Desert Southwest, with an emphasis on California, Nevada and Arizona

  • More than 100 papers and publications mostly in the field of fugitive dust characterization and control, including guidance documents for dust control application to roadways, mining operations, construction sites, and large areas of disturbed desert soils

  • PhD in chemical engineering from the Johns Hopkins University

  • Certified as Qualified Environmental Professional by the Institute of Professional Environmental Practice

  • 40-year member of the Air and Waste Management Association with Fellow status

  • Founding Director of the Center for the Study of Open Source Emissions (see


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